Ice Cream Production Line

Ice Cream Production Line
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The XGJ series ice cream production line is an automatic and multifunctional color ice cream machine, which is essential for large-scale production of high-quality ice creams. Equipped with the cold source freezing system, it is mainly used for production of stick ice creams with various fillings and coatings. This ice cream machine can complete processes such as filling, suction, grouting, stick inserting, mold releasing, and coating shaping within one complete production line. It can also be used to make special ice creams when equipped with accessories like high-consistency vacuum pump, dried fruit adding station, double-color grouting station, swinging grouting station, fruit spraying device, etc. Hence, this ice cream production line can meet customers' different demands.

This ice cream production line adopts PLC control system and HMI touch screen for easy operation. It utilizes pneumatic transmission as the main power source, and uses programmable logic controller to transmit electrical signal of set procedures to drive each functional cart and manipulator. Due to the powerful circulation of refrigerant and uniform compression of saltwater, the exchange of cold and hot saltwater is greatly speed up, thus the production capacity can be improved to a maximum degree of 15000 or 20000 pieces per hour.

Technical parameters of the Ice Cream Production Line
No. Parameters Unit XGJ-15000 XGJ-20000
1 Maximum capacity Pieces/h 15000 20000
2 Number of moulds in brine bath Lines 190 220
3 Number of dies in each row Pieces 12 18
4 Max. outer wall size of the mould (L×W×H) mm 160×58×32 160×58×32
5 Secondary refrigerant Name Calcium chloride solution Calcium chloride solution
Concentration Glass density 30-32 30-32
6 Saltwater pump Power Kw 7.5-15 7.5-15
Flow rate m3/h 220 280
head m 10-30 10-30
7 Compressed air Pressure MPa 0.6 0.6
Consumption m3/min 2.5 3
8 Steam consumption Kg/h 60 100
9 Stick size(L×W×H) mm 114×10×2 114×10×2
10 Total power Kw 10 10
11 Machine dimension(L×W×H) m 14.5×1.8×2.4 15.8×2.2×2.4
12 Net weight Ton 8 10

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