Frozen Ice Cream Equipment

Frozen Ice Cream Equipment
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The SAD-980 frozen ice cream equipment is highly mechanized and can be applied to mass-production. The frozen ice cream equipment is equipped with a freezing machine, a mechanical arm and a packing machine. The frozen ice cream equipment can automatically finish the whole production process, from freezing, extrusion, hardening to unloading and packing. The mechanical arm can also coat the ice creams with chocolate. The production process involves the least manual operation, so the equipment is very hygienic. Due to these advantages, our frozen ice cream equipment is widely used to produce special ice creams, including ice cream cone, ice cream cake, double-layered ice cream, fruit ice cream, etc.

The frozen ice cream equipment with different moulds has different functions: some can extrude the ice-cream horizontally and cut it vertically, some does the opposite, some does the filling and decoration, etc. With auxiliary accessories, it can also add jam into ice creams and spray them with nuts and chocolate. With other ice cream production and processing machinery, the frozen ice cream equipment can increase the production efficiency by making the production line automated and standardized.

Technical Parameters of the Frozen Ice Cream Equipment
No. Parameters Unit SDA980C SDA980D
1 Production capacity(70-80G/piece) Piece/min 150(Maximum)
2 Operating temperature (Ambient temperature25℃) -35 ℃(random thermometer value)
3 Cooling capacity KW Kcal/h 140/120000
4 Number of transport pallets Block 980
5 Total power Kw 25
6 Layer distance MM 230
7 Dimension MM 1488×2600×3220
8 Weight Ton 13.8

Danxiao is a China-based frozen ice cream equipment manufacturer. We also provide ice cream production line, ice cream filling machine, ice cream bar forming machine and ice cream freezing machine.

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  • SDA-600/960 Frozen Ice Cream Equipment The frozen ice cream equipment provides cold temperature to keep the stable quality of the ice cream. When the ice cream leaves the filling machine, its temperature is -3℃ to -5℃. Only 30% to 40% of the water in the ice cream can be frozen at this temperature. But the operation temperature of the frozen ice cream equipment is -35℃, and this temperature ensures that most water in the ice cream ...
  • DTB-880 Frozen Ice Cream Equipment Our frozen ice cream equipment can achieve a high production capability of 240 pieces per minute. Its working table is as large as 5360×1380×2325mm, and four working stations at most can work at the same time. In addition, the freezing tunnel has a large body of 9000×4000×3750mm. As a result, the frozen ice cream equipment is very suitable for continuous and mass production of ice creams...