Frozen Ice Cream Equipment

Frozen Ice Cream Equipment
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The DTB-880 frozen ice cream equipment can flexibly and conveniently produce many different kinds of ice creams, such as ice cream with inserted sticks, ice cream cone, ice cream cake, cup ice cream, etc. It has excellent quick-freezing effect, which is crucial to the quality of the ice cream. The frozen ice cream equipment also has diverse functions. For example, it can coat stick ice creams with chocolate in the surface by using the matched mechanical arm. With other auxiliary accessories, the frozen ice cream equipment can also spray ice creams with nuts and chocolate.

Our frozen ice cream equipment can achieve a high production capability of 240 pieces per minute. Its working table is as large as 5360×1380×2325mm, and four working stations at most can work at the same time. In addition, the freezing tunnel has a large body of 9000×4000×3750mm. As a result, the frozen ice cream equipment is very suitable for continuous and mass production of ice creams.

Main Technical Parameters of the Frozen Ice Cream Equipment
No. Parameters DTB880
1 Production capacity Single piece weights 50-80 g, with single cutting device Piece/min 120
Single piece weights 50-80 g, with double cutting device 120×2
2 Conveyor speed Pallet/min 0-42
3 Pallet Standard size mm 350×246
The number of installed pallets Block 800
4 Conveyor chain Pitch mm 62.5
Length m 200
5 Power supply Voltage, frequency V/Hz 380V/50Hz
6 Power Main drive motor Kw 4
Cold air blower Kw 3×8
Cutting motor Kw 0.18×2
Robot motor Kw 1.1×2
Heating Kw 4
7 Cooling system Maximum cooling capacity Kw 163
Heat transfer area of the evaporator m2 500×2
Refrigerant R717
Air volume m3/h 24000×2
8 Compressed air Air Pressure MPa 0.6-0.7
Air consumption L/min 100-1000
9 Dimension Working table mm 5360×1380×2325
Tunnel body mm 9000×4000×3750

As a major frozen ice cream equipment manufacturer in China, Danxiao provides various types of products such as ice cream filling machine, ice cream bar forming machine and ice cream production line.

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