Ice Cream Filling Machine

Ice Cream Filling Machine
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The BGJ ice cream filling machine with multiple filling heads is a piece of multifunctional filling equipment that can fill ice cream in the intermittent rectilinear motion. Our ice cream filling machine has functions of automatic cup falling, cup arranging, cover adding, cover pressing or cover heat-dealing, discharging, and so on. The programmable logic controller (PLC) will transmit the electrical signal of set procedures to drive the action of the working stations. This ice cream filling machine is provided with both touch screen operation and mechanical control, which makes simple adjustment possible. In addition, the machine also features mechanical interlock, large output, stable and reliable performance, and low noise during operation.

Our ice cream filling machine has two models for option, and both of them take advantage of good ice cream ingredients and utilize advanced processing techniques, thus making them popular in the wholesale market of ice cream machine. Nowadays, the ice cream filling machine is mainly used to produce ice cream cone, cup ice cream, garland ice cream, two-colored and three-colored ice-cream, ice cream with jam and chocolate, as well as ice cream vertically or horizontally divided.

Technical Parameters of the Ice Cream Filling Machine
No. Model BGJ100A BGJ150A
1 Maximum capacity 6000cups/h 9000cups/h
2 Single-cup perfusion 50-500g/cup 50-500g/cup
3 Power supply 380V, 50HZ 380V, 50HZ
4 Total power 3KW 3KW
5 Air pressure ≥0.5Mpa ≥0.5Mpa
6 Air consumption 1.5-2 m3/min 1.5-2m3/min
7 Dimension (L×W×H)m (L×W×H)m
4.0×1.0×2.2 4.0×1.0×2.2
8 Weight 1.5T 1.8T

Danxiao is an ice cream filling machine manufacturer in China. We provide a broad range of products, including frozen ice cream equipment, ice cream bar forming machine, and ice cream production line, etc.

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