Ice Cream Filling Machine

Ice Cream Filling Machine
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The BGJ-6A ice cream filling machine works in the intermittent linear movement and its multiple filling heads can fill ice creams at the same time. This multifunctional filling machine is mainly used in the production of cone ice cream, cup ice cream and also various colored ice creams containing fillings. It adopts PLC computer control, touch screen operation and mechanical support to make the ice cream filling machine easy to adjust and operate. In addition, this machine with good appearance is also convenient to clean and can produce ice creams in large amount and uniform standards.

The ice cream filling machine is equipped with a variety of working stations that can achieve automatic cup falling, cup arranging, cover adding, cover pressing or cover heat-sealing, discharging, etc. In addition, special ice creams in different patterns, colors, tastes and shapes can also be made due to the stations of inner chocolate spraying, ice cream filling, nuts sprinkling, jam adding, chocolate dripping, and garland decorating, and so on. We can also design special working stations according to the customers' requirements. Therefore, our ice cream filling machine is the ideal equipment for large and medium sized ice cream manufactures to arrange mass production of ice creams.

Technical Parameters of the Ice Cream Filling Machine
No. Parameter Unit BGJ-6A
1 Output Filling speed Piece/hour 12000-13500
Weight/piece g 50~500 (Cone ice-cream is 70g/piece)
2 Shape of filling container Cone and wrapping paper, regular-shape plastic or paper cups
3 Quantity of plate on table Piece 30
4 Total plate quantity Piece 64
5 Power Voltage V 380
Frequency Hz 50
6 Total power Kw 3
7 Compressed Air Pressure Mpa 0.6~0.7
consumption m3/min 1.5
8 Machine weight Ton 2.2
9 Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4800×1350×2000

Note: When the weight of each filling cup is increased, the filling speed will be reduced.

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Feedback Form
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