Ice Cream Freezing Machine

Ice Cream Freezing Machine
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The BNJ1000 ice cream freezing machine is equipped with stable and dependable refrigeration control system, the refrigeration control valves of which all adopt internationally renowned brands. Thus, this machine can achieve a high cooling capacity of 27000/31 Kcal/KW. In addition, the ice cream freezing machine is also provided with the bulking control system, which is simple to adjust and features a large expansion rate of 100%. Beside, the efficient and durable self-cleaning slurry transfer pump is also available. Generally, the temperature of ice cream slurry fells down rapidly when entering the cooling tank, and then the air feed through the expansion tube is frozen together with the ice cream puree, thus puffed ice cream comes into being.

Our ice cream freezing machine is now widely used in the ice cream processing industry to continuously produce soft ice creams in a large amount. It can be applied in both manual and automatic ice cream production line. The soft cream produced by our highly efficient ice cream freezing machine enjoys good quality and features fine ice crystal and delicate flavor.

Technical Parameters of the Ice Cream Freezing Machine
No. Parameters Unit Value
1 Maximum capacity (expansion rate 100%) L/h 1000
2 Ice cream feed temperature +2-+4
3 Discharge temperature of ice cream ≤-4
4 Power Stirrer motor Kw 15
Feed pump motor(inverter control) Kw 0.75
5 Refrigerant R717
6 Cooling capacity Kcal/KW 27000/31
7 Compressed air Pressure MPa ≥0.6
Consumption m3/min 2
8 Pipe system
(external size)
Feeding tube mm ≥18
Return-air duct mm ≥48
Hot ammonia pipe mm ≥18
Emptying pipe mm ≥18
Safety pipeline mm ≥18
9 Dimension(L×W×H) m 1.82×0.83×2.16
10 Net Wight Ton 1.3

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