Ice Cream Freezing Machine

Ice Cream Freezing Machine
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The BNJ300 ice cream freezing machine is suitable for the large scale and continuous production of fine and smooth soft ice creams. It is equipped with independent refrigeration system. In addition, the machine also adopts imported parts and selects imported compound freezing medium with advantages of high freezing efficiency and low energy consumption. Equipped with a special evaporator, this ice cream freezing machine can achieve fine refrigeration effect and produce ice creams with stable quality.

This ice cream freezing machine is provided with the pneumatic pump for feeding ice cream material, and the feeding speed of the pump can be easily adjusted due to the imported frequency converter. By regulating proper amount of mixed material and air, as well as controlling the stirrer and expansion valve, the ice cream freezing machine can continuously produce high quality soft ice creams coming with refreshing taste and puffed structure. Generally speaking, the feed temperature ranges from +2℃ to +4℃, and the discharge temperature is controlled at -5.5℃.

Technical Parameters of the Ice Cream Freezing Machine
NO. Parameters Unit Value
1 Feed temperature (No more than +4℃) +2-+4
2 Discharge temperature -5.5
3 Maximum capacity (expansion rate 100%) L 300
4 Cooling capacity (+30℃/-30℃) W 8700
5 Refrigerant R502
6 Condensate flow (+15℃/-+18℃, maximum pressure0.1Mpa) m3/h 1
7 Motor capacity Mixing pump motor Kw 0.75kw/1390rpm
Stirring scraper motor Kw 3kw/960rpm
Compressor motor Kw 5.5kw/1450rpm
8 Dimension (L×W×H) mm 830×1380×1600
9 Net weight kg 680

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